Current Covid-19 safety regulations for participants

1. 3-G-Check & Entry to the event area

Each participant will be checked on the 3-G rule before entering the event area in Scharnitz (start area, registration, luggage transport, start number issue, toilets, etc.) and must show a valid certificate and ID (Friday and Saturday).

As soon as the participant enters the event area at various checkpoints (car parking, Cafe Länd, etc.) and the 3-G check has been done, he/she will receive a wristband. This allows the staff to check at any time whether the participant has properly entered the event area.

To be noted for the 3-G proof

  • No self-tests are accepted
  • Only tests from pharmacies, screening stations or doctors are valid
  • There are no point-of-sale tests for one-time entry into the event area
  • Participation in the Karwendelmarsch is not possible without a valid 3-G certificate


The following documents (digital or printout) are valid as 3-G proof without exception:


  • Proof of full immunisation against COVID-19 with an EMA-approved vaccine.
  • Vaccines with only one vaccination (e.g. Johnson & Johnson) are valid from the 22nd day after vaccination for a total of 270 days from the day of vaccination.
  • Vaccines with two stitches, are valid for a maximum of 270 days from the date of the second vaccination


  • The validity of an antigen or PCR test must last until 28.08.2021, 18.00 hrs.
  • PCR test not older than 72 hours
  • Antigen test not older than 48 hours


  • A medical or official certificate of recovery for an infection survived in the last six months (e.g. Austrian certificate of isolation) or proof of neutralising antibodies (not older than three months)

2. Pick up of the start number

This year, the start number has to be picked up by each participant him/herself. The following items are required for a start at the Karwendelmarsch 2021 and must be presented at the start number collection: Confirmation email, ID and a current 3-G certificate (tested, recovered or vaccinated).

Please pick up your start number on Friday!

Due to the administrative effort and the”3-G” regulations we ask all participants to pick up their start number in Scharnitz on Friday 27.08.2021, 11am – 7pm if possible! Everyone has to pick up the start number himself and present confirmation mail, ID and 3-G proof!

3. Start area Scharnitz

As soon as the wristband and the start number have been collected, each participant must immediately leave the area where the start number is issued.

When lining up for the start, it is recommended to wear a mouth-nose protection and to keep the necessary safety distance to other participants!

4. Along the route and at the refreshment stations

The necessary safety distance to other participants must be maintained both along the route and at the refreshment stations.

Each participant must be recognisable as a Karwendelmarsch participant by the staff and helpers: start number + wristband!

5. Finish area Pertisau

By crossing the finish line in Pertisau, participants are automatically in the event area (start number & wristband must be visible).

Spectators and visitors will be checked for 3-G at two marked entrances and exits. Afterwards they get a visitor wristband for the “Genussstraße”.

Consumption in the separate event area is only possible with a Karwendelmarsch wristband or visitor wristband.

Subject to change due to official approvals and developments.

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