The Karwendelmarsch

Looking forward to 2021

On the basis of their current level of knowledge, the organizers expect the conditions to normalize by next summer, so the event will be held in the conventional form next year. The 12th Karwendelmarsch will take place on August 28, 2021. We are looking forward to a realize the traditional Tyrolean event next year.

News Karwendelmarsch
News Karwendelmarsch
Creating Awareness

Creating awareness for nature in general and, in particular, for the Alpenpark Karwendel nature conservation region, is seen by the organisers as an integral part of the Karwendelmarsch hike and, therefore, it constitutes a constant theme throughout the programme’s concept …

Karwendelmarsch Shop
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In the middle of nature

A route with a view

The track od the Karwendelmarsch is 52km long and extends on existing tracks. The nature compatibility is one of the most imprtant points for the association.